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In 1996, Khepris is founded in Paris. Our first renderfarm business is a physical rental service of the renderfarm which is still till this day, our main business there.

In 2013, we have set up Khepris Japan in Osaka. We continue to ship our renderfarms throughout Japan and there we also provide the rendering service. All of our renderfarm is in our private building in Osaka from which we provide our personal assistance and reliable rendering services to our Japanese and International clients. Please try our flexible and secure services.

Khepris France Khepris Japan
3 bis, rue du Repos
75020 Paris FRANCE
Company: Khepris Japan Co., Ltd.
2-12-1, Moriguchi Togo-dori
Osaka 570-0041 JAPAN
Philippe Llerena : p.llerena@khepris.com
Tel. +33 9 50 71 33 11
Yukari Mase : y.mase@khepris-japan.com
Tel. +81 6 6967 8699
If you would like to communicate via Skype, please contact us.