Rendering Procedure

Send the rendering information mentioned under “Estimation and Order” to Khepris Japan.
Proforma Invoice
From the information and the test data that you send us, we provide you the proforma invoice with rendering time and the price.
We suggest the test rendering especially for the first time. Test rendering enables you to visualize the data image prior to the final rendering. It also gives you a prevision of the rendering time much more precisely. This service is free of charge.
To order, you send us back the proforma invoice signed and dated. We will schedule your rendering with the number of nodes agreed.
For the payment, you can pay through PayPal or wire the money into our account for the total or partial amount agreed depending on the volume of project.
Submit the project data to Khepris before or on the day of rendering.
We will upload the rendered images as rendering progress. You will also receive our rendering report on daily bases.

Majority of our render farms are Xeon 5670@2.93Ghz - 24 Cores / 72 GB but we also have render farms of higher spec such as as Xeon E5-2665 @ 2.4 Ghz - 32 Cores / 128 GB. We use minimum of 50 nodes for 1 project but the node number can go up to 500 nodes depending on the project volume and your deadline.
As you can reserve our rendering service, you can plan your production schedule and control the rendering cost a lot easier.
Once rendering starts, our rendering superviser will be in touch with you in regular bases. We will inform you if we detect any possible data problem, report the progress and respond to your questions.
During the course of rendering, if you would like to add more data to render or your project will take longer, you can just contact us. We try to be flexible as mush as possible.
Discount will apply to more than 40% as rendering volume increases but if your project will take several month or the volume is important, we can discount further.
For the immediate rendering, please ask. We will let you know the number of nodes available for the period you need.
We always schedule our rendering projects with flexibility but it is possible that we might not be able to guarantee the number of nodes promised if you send us data a lot later without the notice. We can always arrange in order to finish rendering on time but please inform us earlier.

Estimation and Order
Please send us the information below for the estimation of the price and the rendering time. Test rendering is also available for free of charge.
For the proforma invoce, please send us the following information:

・Software version / SP
・Rendering engine / version
・Rendering volume ( number of frames )
・Number of scene
・Rendering time (average rendering time par frame at your office with the information of your renderfarm)
・Delivery date
・Rendering period (date which you send us data)
・Plug-in information
・Path information
・Render Layer information for Maya
With the above information, we can give you an estimation of rendering time and the cost but we suggest you to send us a test data so that you can verify the rendered image and the estimation of time which will be much closer to the reality.
To order, you can use our pro forma invoice or your company’s order form. If you use the proforma invoice, you simply put the date and sign it.
Once we receive your order, we will reserve the render nodes for you. We can use FTP, Aspera or Hard Disc to send data.

Depending on the total estimated amount, we will ask you to pay in advance or several times if rendering takes for several months.
You can pay us by PayPal, or a bank transfer.
If your rendering project is less than the estimation, it will reflect on the invoice together with the rendering report. On the contrary, if your rendering will take longer than the estimation, we will contact you when it comes close to the estimation time and cost.

If you need a contract to be signed, please send us by mail.
We generally provide you a proforma invoice and an invoice but if you need any other document, please contact us.
If you wish to have a project meeting, we can arrange a Skype meeting as well. During the rendering, you can always contact us by email. We will reply or contact you by email or by telephone depending on the urgency.
We will upload the rendered data as the rendering progresses. We can also receive and send the data with Hard Disk for a high security project.
For Basic Rendering service, if we have render nodes available, we can add more nodes.

Our rendering service is a reservation basis but, if you are not able to send us the data on the reserved date, we will try to re-book another day.
For the cancellation of rendering while the rendering has been already been started, please contact us during our open hours between 9am to 7pm (Japan). However, you will be charged for the rendering time which has already consumed.
For the cancellation of “Remote Rendering”, please notify us 48 hours prior to your rendering schedule.
For “ Security Renering” and “Volume Rendering”, please contact us 3 days before the starting date.
If you have failed to do so, the cancellation fee will be charged, which will be determined by the period and the number of nodes reserved.