We work as your rendering team
If you reserve our rendering service, the agreed number of nodes will be reserved for you.
For Basic service, if the nodes are available, we will add the maximum number of nodes to finish the project as fast as possible. For Remote service, we will setup the renderfarm as same as your environement.
For Security rendering service, we will be flexible for all your needs.

Base Service
We do it for you!
Test rendering : We can estimate your total rendering time and the cost based on the provided information and your sample data.
Once you validate your test image and the rendering time, we can schedule your rendering period according to your deadline.
Our rendering service is reservation bases so you can reserve our render nodes in advance. This enable you to plan your rendering schedule a lot more securely and it also facilitates you to manage the cost.
Depending on your deadline, we propose the render node of 50 to 500 to calculate your image. Once you send us the order confirmation, we will reserve the number of nodes for you for the period agreed but always with a flexibility.
We supervise your rendering like your rendering team will do. If we detect any possible problem during the rendering, we will contact you immediately.
We send you a daily report. We can communicate by email, Skype and telephone when needed.
You have a priority file to render ? Just tell us.
You will receive your rendered data as rendering progresses so that you can start the following job without waiting until all the data finishes.
If the volume is important, you can also send us the data using Aspera or Hard Disk.
Render node will be proposed depending on the rendering volume, the deadline and the availability but we will guarantee at least 50 nodes. The information of the price and the estimated rendering time are clearly indicated on the proforma invoice.
Price reduction will increase as the rendering volume goes up.
If you have a few rendering projects, let’s say within a month, we can combine them as 1 project in order to give you a better price reduction.

Remote Rendering
Use our render farm remotely from your desk!
You have an access to our render farm (minimum 50 nodes) which is physically separated from the rest of the render fam.
Remote service is a reservation bases so you can securely schedule your rendering. You are also the only user of the fixed render nodes for the agreed period of time (3 days minimum).
You and your team staff can use the render farm 24 hours a day from where you work. We will give you the key to use DeadLine, so you can submit the job, modify your data, down load the rendered images, etc… as they are in your office. You have also an access to the private server.
We will help you for the data setup and we continue to supervise for you and of course, you can tell us when you need a help.
Fee will be fixed for the period of time. Minimum 3 days of utilisation for 50 nodes.
As a number of days reserved increases, so will be the discount rate.
If you reserve for several months, we will apply special discount price.

Security Rendering
Best suited for a sensitive project.
Best suited for a film and other sensitive project.
We disconnect the block of renderfarm from the Internet to maximize the security.
The data will be sent and received through Hard Disc or the method you prefer.
We set up our renderfarm identical to your environment.
We can supervise the rendering, respond to a technical services or a tool you might need.
This service requires a reservation and a minimum usage of of 5 days.

Volume Rendering
Best suited for a long rendering project.
We will set up our renderfarm identical to your environement.
You can select or mix any of our rendering service type and the way you prefer to receive data.
We can supervise the rendering, respond to technical services or a tool you might need.
We provide all these services for a special price.