Khepris Rendering Service
personal rendering service
We provide you with a personal rendering service using our
render farm in Osaka, Japan.

Depending on your data, we have several types of render farm :

Xeon X5670 @ 2.93 Ghz / 24 cores / 96GB
Xeon E5-2680 @2,70 Ghz / 32 cores / 128GB
Choose the best service type for your project

Base Service
You can send us your data via Internet, Aspera, or HDD and we will render the data for you. We supervise the images and we communicate as often as necessary. We will work as your render team. You can also reserve render nodes.
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Remote Service
You have a full access to a block of render nodes as of they are at your office. During the period, you are the only person who will have an access to the designated number of nodes prior agreed and reserved.
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Security Rendering
For a project which needs a maximum security, we will cut off the render nodes from the Internet. The data can be transferred by hard disc or by a method that you prefer.
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Volume Rendering
For a rendering project which takes more than several weeks, we can mix all our services and set up the renderfarm as same as your environment. Volume discount price is also available.
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Depending on the volume, if we don’t have plugin and software that you require, we can also purchase. Please ask.